World Trade Center Memorial

Design of a Statue at the World Trade Center Site Memorial

Jewels For Peace©

The base will be in the shape of the infinity symbol. It will be wrought from the structural

steel of the great towers. The message is quite simple, timeless tribute!!!

Sitting on this base will be a symbol of Peace. A spiraling, endless loop, tapering gently to

the apex, kinetic, powerful, fragile and vibrational.

This monument is intended to be neither political nor deistic. Whether or not it sits on a

stone base as well as the iron base is still to be determined; also to be determined is whether each

victim’s name should be memorialized.

This is to be a forging of a lasting Peace. A Peace where citizens of the planet will be asked

to donate objects of any non-ferrous metals which are light in weight. These items of copper,

bronze, brass, gold, silver, etc. will be melded together to cast this statue. This will be a “hands

across the globe” theme, every man, woman and child who loves and strives for Peace and wishes

to consecrate this area is a co-creator of the monument.

Contributors will be asked to keep a portion of the piece which they send. One of the two

earrings, one button, etc. This proverbial “other half” is their personal memorial. No certificates

will be issued; no names will be engraved. The intent is to let every person on planet earth cast, in

all senses of the word, his jewel for Peace.

The overnight carrier services will be asked to assist with the pick-up and delivery of these

Jewels For Peace. One would hope that they would be pleased to contribute. The co-creators of

this Peace would bear neither the rigors nor the expenses of shipping.

The base will be the symbol of infinity wrought from the structural steel of the towers. As

well as paying timeless tribute, the base symbolizes the strengths, wills and souls of the victims,

their families, the heroes and the many tradespeople. This base, a phoenix, will forge from the

tragedy, from the suffering, from the pain a symbol of Peace. This hallowed ground will be the 21st

century birthplace for Peace.

Born from the base will be a hybrid bronze statue. The statue will be cast of many metals

and will be imperfect, as we all are. Yet they have been melded by the heat of fire of 2400 degrees.

The imperfections of the finish will be evident in texture and patina. Despite our differences, we

can coalesce; we can fashion a lasting, loving Peace.

The statue will be an endless loop, gracefully spiraling and getting thinner toward the apex.

The keneticism symbolizes the constant motion and work required to keep the Peace. The upper

portion of the statue will be divided into two sections, each being light and delicate in feeling.

Across the span of the these non-parallel tendrils will be Titanium wire. Titanium, the material of

the 21st century. The slightest zephyr or wind, through these wires will create a soft sound, a vibrational

frequency, borne from the sacred souls whom we memorialize. The statue will be capable of being

“tuned” so that there will be no undesirable sounds emitting.

The monument will be “hands on” for all visitors. In the accessible area of this iron base

will be bronze holes of different diameters. Visitors will be invited to run their fingers around the

surface edges to create vibrational frequency of their own. One hopes that the visitor will feel the

emotions of this site and harness them with love. Create if you will, a tone, a frequency which

heralds Peace and pays respect to those who have paved this way. Let the tone be a celebration of

sacrifice and courage.

The monument is about a coalescing, coming to together. Would there have been a person

among the victims, their families, and the heroes who did not love the thought of Peace.

There will no special patina or lacquer. No one will walk away and rub his eyes and have

them burn.

The statue need not be cast in the “lost wax” method. It should be cast as many sand castings,

assembled on a stainless steel armature. This will allow the casting of the diverse metals. The

bronze castings will be attached mechanically to the armature with an appropriate interface material

which will obviate electromotive forces. The cast pieces will be joined via welding, brazing or

silver soldering. The method chosen based upon the metallurgical recipes of the pieces. The apex of

each tendril will have a polycarbonate lens to allow light in and eliminate bacteria. The monument

now has materials from all times, metals of the ages and space age plastic.

The New York Metropolitan area has all of the companies with the talented personnel required

to execute this commission. Without question, it should be made in the New York Metropolitan


The statue can be cleaned relatively simply. The Fire Department can spray it with water on

a seasonal schedule.

A simple motorized bo’suns chair will be fabricated and installed within the interior. When

tonal adjustments are required, a cable will be released from the inside surface of the apex. A

bo’sun’s chair will be attached to the cable and the technician will be carried in safety to perform

his tasks.

The statue is proportional in size; the height once determined will determine the width and

breadth. The monument can be any size, at this writing the size is undetermined.

The lighting should not be from below! Neither should it be electrified and light itself. It

would only glow. If mature trees are planted in the area, as this designer would hope, it could be lit

with a high technology system, neatly nestled in the trees. Alternately it could be lit from adjacent

buildings, with a lighting system that would allow for the proper placement of light.

The theme of this monument will maintain its metaphorical significance from all angles,

especially from above. The message will be clear from eye level or the upper stories of adjacent


Small-scale replicas can be fashioned and sold to fund the site preparation, execution and

erection of the monument. The proceeds from continued sales, forgive my presumptuousness, could

be used to fund humanitarian causes worldwide.

The replicas could be made as die-castings and plated with the poly metallic blend. This

would allow for inexpensive manufacture while being faithful to the theme. The donations of monies

to humanitarian causes certainly noble enough to forgive this fabrication shortcut. Sales could be

from via credit card entry for a web site which has been established for this purpose. The last step

of the fabrication process will be plating; therefore shipment of the replicas should be from the

plating establishment. There is to be no excessive handling or administrative costs.